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Ladies and gentlemen, forget everything you heard about Austrian popular music of the 1950’s & 60’s. Oh, you didn't hear much about Austrian popular music of the 50’s and 60’s so far? Well, that's even better...  
For the very first time, a compilation series brings you a comprehensive collection of raw, wild and untamed gems from Austria! Schnitzelbeat spells out how local visionaries in genuine teenager subcultures and on the fringes of mass compatible recording industries translated Rock-n-Roll, Exotica and the advent of Beat music into a local flavour of their own. Schnitzelbeat happened where HALBSTARKEN counterculture met flashy Popcorn Radio Rock, and where commercial orchestras and renowned Jazz legends went INCREDIBLY STRANGE... The LP-Version of Schnitzelbeat Vol. 1 – I love you Baby! present’s you 16 intense, demented tracks that document the short period of creative proliferation before Austrian pop became “Austropop”. Catch glimpses at the strange and sensational world of sex and violence in the lyrics of sexploitation-director-gone-pop-act Frank Roberts (“Maloja”), hear how the major beat outfit The Hubbubs appropriate themes of crime and horror fiction ("Nachts in Chicago"), witness the well-known Italotearjerk schlockers Die Bambis beat out an incredible version of the ubiquitous "Tabu" theme, which we rendered from a 1959 10" acetate of which only one copy exists. Dig hard, wild and unsophisticated Rockabilly and Garage Punk music? Then you should definitely give the boys of the prae-Slaves outfit The Vienna Beatles a listen, who kicked out the jams in 1965 with their godly “Sick and tired / Jeanny, Jeanny, Jeanny” 2-sider featuring the Austrian Gene Vincent Mr. Hannes Patek. Or how about the young wildman Rockie Jackson, who was so into Rockabilly music he even travelled half of Europe to meet Elvis Presley and played a jam session with him. Talking about the title track, "I love you Baby", we're proud to present you the oldest existing document of teenage Underground Rock-N-Roll music from Austria: A unique acetate that Viennese teenager Werner Gavac recorded at a Voice-o-Graph booth one chilly autumn afternoon in 1958. To sum up: No fillers here! No expenses or efforts were spared to track down only the rarest, wildest and craziest audio documents in Austrian Rock-n-Roll, Exotica and Proto-Punk history Compiled by Al Bird Sputnik of Trash Rock Archives. All tracks on this compilation have never been reissued before and have been carefully remastered for your listening pleasure. For the historically inclined, the LP comes with extensive liner notes in German and English in a 12 page LP sized booklet. For those of you who just want to watch there’s plenty of pictures, too. Schnitzelbeat Vol. 1 – I Love You Baby! first 500 copies sold out in days. Now on a 2nd pressing.

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