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Gerhard Heinz - Geissel des Fleisches
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Gerhard Heinz - Schamlos
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The 1960’s was the era of the great sexploitation & crime movies with dramatic scenes that relied upon great music to portray the drama, thus producing incredible soundtracks. 'Geissel des Fleisches' or translated to English 'Torment of Flesh' is a perfect example similar to those of the Italian Poliziotteschi movies. Gerhard Heinz is now regarded as a master of this genre for his scores in many titillating films of the era. For the first time on record enjoy this musical journey with a powerful jazzy scat vocal, exotica and bongo feast of a soundtrack.
Released as a limited 100 copies purple vinyl only available direct from Digatone and 400 copies on black vinyl.

Buy Gerhard Heinz - Geissel des Fleisches here: http://digatone.bigcartel.com