Klockwerk Orange - Abrakadabra
Isaiah - Isaiah
Gerhard Heinz - Geissel des Fleisches
V/A - Schnitzelbeat Vol1 - I love You Baby!
Gerhard Heinz - Schamlos
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One of the most outstanding Austrian LP’s of the 1970’s with the wondrous title "abrakadabra" came from an obscure band of teenagers from the Tyrolean Alps called Klockwerk Orange. When the album appeared in 1975 the media were not so impressed, but 38 years later, the opinion has blossomed into an internationally sought and ultra-expensive monster rarity of psychedelic jazzy prog rock. Internet forums from South Korea to Chile and from Canada to Thailand discuss this somewhere between Symphonic Progressive Rock in the style of Pink Floyd and Emerson Lake & Palmer and epic classical elements à la Bruckner, all of which can be heard in the  work of Klockwerk Orange. The collector value of original copies scratches at the thousand euro mark as only 1000 copies were pressed. This reissue though not only replicates the original but adds a special bonus 2nd LP containing three extra numbers plus two unreleased live tracks recorded at a concert in Innsbruck city hall in 1975. This double vinyl edition also has included a CD of the original work and bonus recordings of the band. This reissue has been carefully managed together with the band and is the only official reissue of the rare and sought after record.

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